Magloop Antenna

After seeing Julian’s (OH8STN) post about his DIY Man Portable Magnetic Loop Antenna I decided to build one for myself. Just a few parts were needed. Many of those parts you may have laying around already. This is actually a relatively simple build, and Julian already covered the build in detail on his site and his YouTube page, so I’m just going to cover the parts I used briefly here and a short description of my build process.

Parts list:

Building the loop is pretty simple. For each section of coax you solder the center conductor and shield together and solder on a PL-259. The first section is 256CM. With a single 256CM loop will get you 10m – 40m coverage. Adding a second 267cm loop the antenna will cover the 40m – 80m bands. Use the coupler listed above to connect the two pieces of LMR-400 together.

I drilled holes in the enclosure and mounted the so-239 connectors, switch and tuning capacitor en the enclosure. I bolted the tripod mount to the enclosure with some hose clamps.

Tuning capacitor mounted in enclosure

After getting the enclosure done I cut the aluminum bar stock to 55cm and bent it around a small piece of a tree trunk I had in my wood pile. You could use anything that’s roughly round to do this. Aluminum is pretty soft and easy to bend. After I got it bend to shape I drilled through the two pieces and used the stud mount to connect the two. Make sure when doing this the insulator is between the two end of the loop. I also cut a short stip of left over bar stock a few inches long. The other end of the strip I drilled a hole through and tapped 1/4-20 tap. This 1/4-20 threaded hole is where I attached the camera mount at the top of the tripod.

Clamp holding tripod to enclosure
SO-239 Stud mount on coupling loop.

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